-- Text Message --
From: <unknown sender>
To: Utatane Piko
Re: Happy birthday
         We haven't met yet, but your name came up in the database 
I was working on and I noticed it was your birthday, so I just
wanted to wish you a happy birthday. 

Piko raises an eyebrow at the text. He stares at the phone but types back anyways. 

 From: Utatane Piko
    To: Unknown 
    I appreciate the comment. Thank you. 
"Aww~ I'm not leaving you alone today nope! I haven't been around lately but today I'm staying definitely!"


"I appreciate the thought but a birthday is nicely spent at home on the computer." 

*continues to huggu* "Aww~ But it's your birthday though... I guess I can get more for Chritmas maybe"

"No at most I’d appreciate a new graphics card for my computer. Other then that cheese is the way to go." 

"Even then it’s a lot to spend on me. I’d be happy to just spend my birthday in solitude with how many people breaking into my house so often." *pats* 

ikr i got a dreamcast and a sweater and a horse from 3 rins

"The dreamcast sounds cool. I could do without a horse and a sweater but that works." 

"Haha~!! I...would have gotten more if you liked anything else oops."

"This is enough, after all it’s not as if I want people to spend a fortune on me or anything." 

"You look like you're having fuuuun~" uv\\

"I am, the presents are nice you know." 

*hugguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus u*


"You got the perfect present. Very nice." *pats and half hugs back*

Perfection you know? 

Very nice.

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